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Vera Vorontzova —

is the author of the contemporary mysteries and suspense novels.

On this page you will see the authors works, printed in different years by different publishing houses. Also you will learn about the author, her plans and news of her art-life. Here you can leave comments about Vera Vorontzova's works, write her a letter and pass on the publishers pages and some others where you will find the annotations to the author's books.

You won’t find here the texts of her books, except little fragments and annotations. Though, in the future we are going to post some works for the on-line reading.

On this page you will not find the links «where to buy». It's not a commercial web site. Some books are already bibliography rarity, but those that are on offer you can find without any problems, by using search systems and bibliography information on our web page.

On our web page the works by Vera Vorontzova are grouped by the publishers series that printed the author's works.

The readers are often asking: are there any distinctions between different editions? No, there are no distinctions. The revision was made just for the actualization. For example, in the novel «Crazy Flight» the unknown disease that infected all the passengers at first was a «atypical pneumonia», but in the new publishing «Airbus Of Death» - already is a «bird's influenza» - the epidemic, that is urgent to the moment of the new publishing.

Unfortunately, the web page size is not letting us mention every publishing house where the books by Vera Vorontzova were printed. First of them are numerous magazine's publications and also collections where the author was represented by one or more works.