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Avalanche - Vera Vorontzova


The life of  20-year old Olga Letunes changes rapidly when she becomes a top-model. Fame, money, brilliant marriage to a prosperous businessman anticipation of an exciting honeymoon in a remote cozy hotel in Italian Alps - what else could be desired by a girl, who only a year ago was a modest province nurse! But all her hopes for happiness prove to be a fatal illusion as she finds out that the hotel is occupied by the mafia authorities negotiating their deals. Her husband turns out to be a liar, the lovely place is nothing more than a deadly trap full of enemies. Her life collapses like an avalanche, almost the same as the one, that suddenly separates the hotel from the outer world. To survive Olga needs all her courage, might and experience...

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Лавина. © В.Воронцова

М., 2000, 352p. - (Лунный свет)

ISBN 5-7811-0117-9 - Лабиринт-K

Another edition of this book: A Face On The Cover

Flight To Survive - Vera Vorontzova


On board of a plane flying from Moscow to Tokyo a dangerous epidemic breaks out. A famous top-model, ex-nurse, 21-year old Olga Letunetz starts her fight against death. After one of the passengers dies the situation becomes highly extreme. What is it - fate or negligence?

An accident or somebody’s wicked will? These are the questions that the heroes must answer as well as sort out their own feelings...

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Рейс на выживание. © В.Воронцова

M., 2000, 352p. - (Лунный свет)

ISBN 5-7811-0116-0 - Лабиринт-K

Another edition of this book: Crazy FlightAirbus Of Death

A Murder For Collection - Vera Vorontzova


A woman Alexandra meets on the plane claims to be her old schoolmate. Having exposed the impostor and her accomplice, Alexandra manages to escape from them. However this is just the beginning of a sequence of unexpected and strange events that Alexandra is involuntary involved into. Why is she being persecuted? Would she be able to solve the murder and stay alive in the process?..

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Убийство в коллекцию. © В.Воронцова

М., 2000, 352p. - (Лунный свет)

ISBN 5-7811-0135-7 - Лабиринт-K

Another edition of this book: Solo For The Lady With A Vacuum Cleaner

Be My Death - Vera Vorontzova


Constantly nagged by her parents 32-year old Leonida is so obsessed by the idea of getting a husband that she vows to marry the first man at a small Turkish resort, who would propose. Suddenly there is no lack of suitors.

Only all the grooms are mysteriously murdered just before the big day. Sergey is not oblivious to Leonida's charms too, though he has his own hidden agenda. And he is the only one who does not have an alibi for the time of the murders...

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Будь моей смертью. © В.Воронцова

М., 2000, 352p. - (Лунный свет)

ISBN 5-7811-0149-7 - Лабиринт-K

Another edition of this book: Deadly bride

Heart On The Target - Vera Vorontzova


38- year old Vadim, a permanent loser trying to start a new life as a writer, receives his last chance in a private investigation of the mysterious deaths of four women, his former classmates, who have died almost simultaneously in various accidents in the different parts of the world. He is not aware that this is the “blast from the past” as well as unexpected appearance in his life of an unknown girl claiming to be his daughter.  Sonya, a 23-year old bright young woman, making an extremely rapid career in the publishing business, has to accompany Vadim in his chase around the world. In a while she is terrified to find out that she is falling in love with her own father...

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Сердце на мишени. © В.Воронцова

М., 2000, 352p..- (Лунный свет)

ISBN 5-7811-0196-1 - Лабиринт-K

Another edition of this book: The Man For The Snow Queen