Deadly Bride - Vera Vorontzova


At his friend’s request, Sergey goes to a Turkish resort to find a con man that marries women, strip them off their possessions and disappears. The only problem – he has no idea how the crook looks – only the name of the hotel where he will be staying.

This dangerous man is famous for his art of transformation – he could be anyone: an elderly man, a housewife, an athlete or a professor…

Could he be that pretty young woman who almost every day gets engaged to a new man, but all her fiancés mysteriously die…

While Sergey tries to get closer to this woman he himself becomes a target. Could someone see through his "legend"?

Bibliographic information:

Убойная невеста. © В.Воронцова.

М., 2003, 320с..- (Детектив глазами женщины)

ISBN 5-699-03781-0 - ООО "Издательство "ЭКСМО"

Another edition of this book: Be My Death

A Face On The Cover - Vera Vorontzova


Top model Olga goes for her honeymoon to a quiet Italian mountain resort – just what she dreamt about. But the very next morning she feels that something is wrong: her loving husband keeps disappearing, there is no doctor in the hotel, cell phones do not work, and the sudden snowstorm completely cut off the hotel from the rest of the world…

"Quite a honeymoon!" thinks Olga ironically, not even suspecting what surprises await her in this mysterious hotel nicknamed by the locals "Devil’s refuge" …

Bibliographic information:

Лицо с обложки. © В.Воронцова.

М., 2003, 320с..- (Детектив глазами женщины)

ISBN 5-699-042235-0 - ООО "Издательство "ЭКСМО"

Another edition of this book: Avalanche

Crazy Flight - Vera Vorontzova


Passenger of the Airbus Beijing – Moscow are suddenly struck with a strange epidemic. Atypical pneumonia? Or some other unknown virus?

Former nurse and now top model Olga feels it her duty to care about her sick flight mates.

After the death of one of the passengers the situation becomes unpredictable. Olga is trying to guess what happened and thinks she is onto something… Until she faints and wakes up… in a plastic bag.

Bibliographic information:

Чумовой перелет. © В.Воронцова.

М., 2003, 320с..- (Детектив глазами женщины)

ISBN 5-699-04413-2 - ООО "Издательство "ЭКСМО"

Another edition of this book: Flight To Survive, Airbus Of Death

Solo For The Lady With A Vacuum Cleaner - Vera Vorontzova


"Where am I? Have I died and went to heaven?" – thinks Sasha, as the conscience returns to her. She is absolutely sure she died – what else can you expect after falling down from the eighth floor?

The fall happened when she realized who the murderer of the three innocent people is. She, Sasha, was supposed to become the fourth. How come she, an ordinary young woman, is a target of the deadly hunt?

To understand what’s happening, Sasha stops being the victim and starts her own hunt – to successfully complete her own investigation.

Bibliographic information:

Соло для леди с пылесосом. © В.Воронцова.

М., 2003, 320с..- (Детектив глазами женщины)

ISBN 5-699-04912-5 - ООО "Издательство "ЭКСМО"

Another edition of this book: A Murder For Collection

The Man For The Snow Queen - Vera Vorontzova


The publisher rejected Vadim’s new detective story but instead offered him a private job – to investigate suspicious deaths of her three schoolmates living in different parts of the world. Vadim needed money and he accepted the job. Besides, he thought he would use this investigation as his next book’s scope. And now he is ready to start – together with a young girl Sonia who claims to be his daughter and eager to become his assistant.

Together they would live through his next book. But only this time no one will know how the story will end…

Bibliographic information:

Мужчина для снежной королевы. © В.Воронцова.

М., 2004, 320с..- (Детектив глазами женщины)

ISBN 5-699-05367-8 - ООО "Издательство "ЭКСМО"

Another edition of this book: Heart On The Target