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Вера Воронцова

Vera Vorontzova

Vera Vorontsova is the author of the contemporary mysteries and suspense novels.

She started writing poems when she was a young girl. For a series of her poems she was awarded a prize of Moscow Literary Fund.

Vera is a graduate of Moscow State Medical University and Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow. She worked as an ambulance physician, a doctor at the hospital, she taught English Language and English and American Literature in a Moscow English Language school.

On our web page the works by Vera Vorontzova are collected with the publishers series that printed the author's works.

At the same time Vera continues to write poetry, in particular, lyrics to the several TV series, including Rich and Beloved and Emergency Call.

Vera is a quite famous for her novels and encyclopedias for teenagers and for her educational books for the little kids. But her secret passion is to write mystery novels. Her adult readers will find in her books all attributes of the genre: brilliant plot, proper level of suspense, elegance of the style, subtle irony and humor, and that romanticism of a detective story that many modern authors lack.

The readers often ask whether the events and characters in Vera Vorontsova’s novels are fully fictional or somehow connected to the author’s life. As many of detective story’s authors, Vera uses fictional plots, but the characters more or less resemble real people. Besides, she conducts thorough research of the environment where these characters act, and uses her professional medical knowledge, her own experience of travel and consults specialists to create the details.

Vera is married, has three children and two granddaughters. She lives with her husband in Moscow. Her numerous hobbies include ballroom dancing, rock climbing, playing piano, painting, swimming, skiing and cycling.

Other achievements of the author associated with a different direction in the literature, because «Vera Vorontsova» – this is just a pen-name of another person.